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The electro-cardio-signals diagrams structural-topological analysis


A.A. Kuznetsov

Objects of research are the electrocardiogram and a digital line of sequence R-R intervals on it. The purpose of work is the survey offer of new methods and technologies researches of the person heart rhythm at definition of norm physiological condition of person organism, the general functional laws in beat hearts near to this condition, the reasons of convertible and irreversible rhythm changes. On the basis of the offered heart work power model the integrated method is created, allowing analyzing resulting changes in ECG cardio cycles morphology. On the basis of structural – topological rhythm diagrams features the storey technology of their analysis is developed. The person organism functional condition is offered to be estimated on speed of accumulation of the information quantity by storey topological structure of the heart rhythm diagram. In quality of «a reference rhythm» the concept of a virtual heart rhythm is entered and comparative estimations of heart rhythm real and virtual diagrams characteristics are given. Functional connections between variability parameters and structurally topological characteristics of a healthy people heart rhythm diagrams are found out. Formulas of an organism functional condition, connecting heart rhythm diagrams macro -and micro parameters are offered. The settlement and graphic data under diagrams of a rhythm of 747 ECG registrations of 214 ill and healthy people are given. The concept of an organism physiological condition norm is offered. As the indicator of an organism functional condition level under the factor of a rhythm regulation it is offered relative information entropy. It is revealed, that the parametrical mode of a healthy person heart rhythm without dependence from a sex has a calendar year cycle during which three times discretely varies.
May 29, 2020

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