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Low-Profile Miniature Antennas with Vertical Polarization


P. O. Afanasyev, A. P. Mayorov, V. A. Sledkov

Article contains review about low profile omnidirectional antennas having vertical polarization. The new low profile omnidirectional antenna is described. The new antenna has a simple design and smaller than known antennas. The antenna operating at 425 MHz and having VSWR less than 2 through 2% frequency band is developed. The height of the antenna is 7 mm and its horizontal dimensions are 60×25mm only. Antenna has metal screen therefore one can work as in free space so as on a surface of a metal sheet. It was found the Gain of the antenna is very dependant of dielectric permittivity of its substrate. An antenna made on substrate having 2.5 dielectric permittivity almost 5 dB more than the same size antenna made on substrate having 4.3 dielectric permittivity but its resonant frequency is more dependant of a distance between an antenna and a metal sheet.
May 29, 2020

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