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The Multibeam Adaptive Antenna Array Ensuring Compensating of Reflections from an Interface of Media and the Level-By-Level Review of a Space Above a Surface


V. P. Fedosov

Reflexions from boundaries of media, in particular, ground reverberation at inclined bombarding radiation of a surface possesses high space correlation in vertical planes at the high permission after range and small baselines of antenna system (distance between the phase centers of blocks of an array). Consecutive receipt in a time on an entry of the receiving aerial of reflexions from separate simultaneously reflecting sections of a bottom allows to organize both suppression of powerful ground reverberation, and body-section automatic simultaneous survey of space near to a surface. The block-diagram of system of detection small objects against powerful reflexions from a boundary of medium (ground reverberation) is presented. Compensation and survey system the full-scale tests which have shown high efficiency of suppression of ground reverberation are realized and spent.
May 29, 2020

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