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3D Electromagnetic Simulation of Antenna Enclosed by a Radome with CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®


N. N. Kisel’, S. G. Grishchenko, K. A. Serov

This article concerns the application of CST MICROWAVE STUDIO® (CST MWS) to the simulation of electrically large automotive structures, such as antenna enclosed by a radome. Radome scattering is a very complex theory and appropriate radome design for antenna has to include many parameters like radome wall, joints and joint distribution. The design and numerical results are presented. The antenna operates at 9.375 GHz and was simulated using the CST MWS. It is a specialist tool for the 3D electromagnetic simulation of high frequency components. CST MWS uses the advantages of both Cartesian and tetrahedral meshing in one 3D EM simulator and permits able to choose the method and the mesh best suited to a particular structure. CST MWS is ideal for such applications since the geometry can be easily imported and modified using the powerful user interface, the accurate and robust Perfect boundary approximation (PBA) approximation is exploited, the linear scaling of memory with increasing mesh cells and the ability to simulate broadband in one single simulation. CST MWS quickly gives for users an insight into the electromagnetic behaviour of high frequency antenna designs. Transient Solver which is, as a result of its efficient memory scaling, ideal for such electrically large structures - the dish diameter in this example is approximately 7 wavelengths in size and dish of radome is approximately 15 wavelengths in size. CST MWS allows the user to easily create animations from any defined frequency and time-domain field monitors created. Numerical results show the nearfield and farfield total electric field on the antenna with radome.
May 29, 2020

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