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Ultrawideband Radiators for Videopulse Scanning Antenna Array


R.B. Bolov, A.P. Kondrat’yeva, A.P. Kurochkin, V.F. Los’, T.Y. Privalova, Y.V. Yukhanov

This paper proposes researches about ability to design an ultra-wideband (UWB) videopulse scanning antenna arrays (VPSAA), stimulating by ultrashort videopulse signals. Next parameters of VPSAA was required: frequency range 0.2÷2 GHz; radiation pattern width a least ±300 in both E-plane and H-plane or wider; VSWR less than 3. Design is based on tapered slot antenna of the same type as «Vivaldi». Absence of a resonator, replaced with a novel feeding system is one of the features. Antenna’s 3D full-wave electromagnetic field simulation results, got with Ansoft HFSS™ and CST Microwave Studio ® software are presented. Time charts of radiating signals, antenna’s VSWR, its amplitude-frequency dependencies, radiation patterns and polarization characteristics are calculated and shown. Ability of increasing the band using absorber was investigated. Guided by computer modelling results, was constructed prototypes of the antenna, it used to carry out experimental researches in both time domain (TD) and frequency domain (FD) in anechoic camera (, at the department of “Antennas & Radio transmitters” in Taganrog Institute of Technology-Southern Federal University ( As a result of analyzing theoretical and experimental data there is a conclusion about their good correlating. As an example on Fig.1 results of experimental measuring VSWR for the constructed prototype with dimensions 200x400 mm, complemented with absorber (trace 2) and without it (trace 1) are shown.
May 29, 2020

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