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Modelling оf Mobile Networks Signal Attenuation Due to Buildings and Constructions


G.O. Vasilenko

Object of research was well-known physico-statistical model COST 231 for for predicting path loss, taking into account penetrating into buildings. The work purpose was specification of parametres of model of calculation, expansion of borders of applicability of model on distance, the permission of a question on partially shadowing buildings. For achievement of the specified purpose experimental measurements on frequencies 0.95, 1.85 and 2.12 GHz in St.-Petersburg were made. Signals of transmitters of base stations of networks of cellular communication of standards GSM were used and IMT-MC with antenna heights of 30-87 m. The receiving antenna was the quarter wave dipole. Measurements were made on staircases of various floors and entrances of the chosen buildings with removal of 1-7 km. In each place of measurements within 20 seconds 10 readout of level of a signal were made (total 350 places). On the basis of experimental sample the median of a signal which, taking into account technical characteristics of the transceivering equipment (transmitters power, the radiation pattern of antenna, feeder losses etc.), was recalculated in median value of losses. On the basis of the received data modification of model COST 231 at which use, accuracy of the forecast of losses increases is developed. In particular root-mean-square error of prediction decreases with 8.7 dB to 6.6 dB. The updating of model offered in article is organically entered in already developed system of calculations. It is recommended to apply it, at performance it is frequency territorial planning of networks of a mobile communication when subscribers are removed from base station on the distance exceeding 0.5 km, and in situations of partial light exposure of facades of buildings.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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