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Air Complex Dynamism and Airborne Radio Electronic Complexes


V. I. Merkulov

Quantative factor of air complex combative perfection is combined of aircraft dynamism, information management system dynamism and weapon dynamism. The most striking demonstration of aircraft dynamism is hyper manoeuvrability which features the aircraft ability to rapidly change not only the velocity vector magnitude but also the bank axis direction without changing the aircraft bearing. Hyper manoeuvrability makes possible for a substantial rise of aircraft combat effectiveness and survivability by allowing to implement a number of complicated manoeuvres. However, it’s necessary to point out that hyper manoeuvrability potential can be fully realized only in case of adequate dynamism of information management system which specifies the system ability to provide the pilot with situational awareness for adequate aircraft control. The most informative sensor of information management system is radar which is invariant towards seasons, weather and time conditions. The article studies the influence of different aspects of hyper manoeuvrability on effectiveness indexes of algorithm of primary and secondary signal processing in airborne radar. Guidelines for their improvement are designated which allows for adequacy of dynamic behaviour of the radar and the aircraft.

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