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Methods of Synthesis of Discretely-Tuning Resonator on a Piece of a Regular Long Line


N.E. Ounrou

Use for tuning of bandpass filters p-i-n-diods allows to design them on the high levels of power - tens and hundreds watts in a continuous mode. The achievable time of tuning makes up 10 mks and less, at a passband in a few percent. For construction of tuning filters with practically acceptable parameters it is required, that the number of frequency points of discrete tuning was significant. From the last follows that to section of tuning consisting of an electronic key and tuning capacity it is necessary to distribute their along geometrical length of resonators. In article analytical and numerical methods of synthesis discretely - tunable resonators executed on pieces of regular long lines on the given parameters of the characteristic frequency tuning are considered. Each method has the area of use. In work analytical expressions necessary for synthesis and also results of calculations and experiments are given.

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