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The Space-Time Processing of Images of Earth Surface in Onboard Radio-Thermal-Lokation Stations


V.K. Klochko

At reception of images of a surface of the Earth and motionless objects by means of onboard radio-thermal-location stations (RTLS) a millimeter’s range the matrix radio-thermal-image (RTI) in angular system of coordinates of carrier RTLS is formed. Elements of a matrix are amplitudes of signals the radiations allocated in a path of primary processing RTLS. Known methods of restoration of images are applied to increase the resolution of angular coordinates RTLS. However restored RTI does not give the information on inclined range up to elements of a surface. It complicates the decision of some tactical problems, reduces safety of low-level flights. The purpose of article  development of methods of formation three-dimensional RTI of controlled surfaces and ground objects by means of moving on a trajectory of flight onboard RTLS on the basis of space-time processing sequence of RTI. The purpose is reached by application of methods of restoration RTI, leading increase of resolution RTLS on angular coordinates, overlapping of sequence of RTI in view of trajectory information and data of navigating system, and also geometric approaches to measurement of range up to elements of a surface. In work the basic opportunity of reception three-dimensional RTI on the basis of perspective onboard RTLS, using antenna lattices, is shown. Presence of the third coordinate in RTI increases probability of recognition of high-altitude objects and raises safety of low-level flights. Results are generalized on a case of measurement of spatial coordinates of moving objects on a surface and are usable for onboard optical systems of vision, and also operating onboard RTLS, using scanning aerials.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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