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Reflector antenna with special shaped pattern


I.O. Porokhov, A.P. Kondrat'eva

The estimation of influence of the form and type deformation of the parabolic cylinder on ability of shaping special pattern of the diagram according to the set requirements is lead. Results of mathematical modeling are presented. In article are considered the mirror cylindrical antennas forming narrow cosecant pattern, having width cosecant no more than ten width on a level half- powers from the main maximum of pattern equivalent parabolic mirror antenna. The symmetric reflector with feed source in the form of a ruler from the half-wave horizontally located dipoles, constructed on a known technique is investigated. Character of pattern in the field of cosecant а had significant peak in the field of main maximum. Thus, the received pattern has shown a unsatisfactory mode for application in structure of a survey radar. The explanation to this phenomenon follows from restrictions caused diffraction effects, connected with aperture obscuration of reflector by feed source with screen. For improvement of the characteristic special pattern of reflector, and also with the purpose of a possible benefits in gain, the means of reception cosecant pattern has been chosen by a method of deformation of one slopes of the parabolic cylinder. Again received pattern had good approximation to set cosecant pattern in a range from 0,50 up to 80. The offered mirror cylindrical antenna, which structure is a combination rectilinear generatrix and paraboloid, has allowed receiving without significant falling gain the set requirements to cosecant pattern.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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