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About Some Methods of the Analysis of Statistical Dynamics of Phase Locked Loop on the Basis of the Numerical Solutions of Fokker-Plank Equation


Sizykh V. V.

Some methods of the analysis of statistical dynamics of phase lock loop (PLL), based on the numerical solution of the Fokker-Plank equations (FPE) are considered. The method of construction of the approximating scheme for FPE ФПК with use of total approximation of the solution of system of the stochastic differential equations is offered and proved. Also Galerkin algorithms of the numerical solution of FPE for PLL with the proportional-integrating filter with use of functions of Hartli and multinomials of Ermita are resulted, the combined numerical methods on the basis of the projective are resulted. It is offered an effective computational method of an estimation of average time before tracking failure
May 29, 2020

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