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Algorithm of a Choice of Standards with the Purpose of Automatic Overlapping the Radar Image with Digital Maps or Optical Images of District


B.G. Tatarskiy, V.V. Kirdyashkin

Work is devoted to development of a technique of automatic overlapping of images of the terrestrial surface received in the various ways. The special attention is given to a problem of overlapping of the radar image, received by means of synthesizing aperture radar system (SAR-image), with digital maps districts (DMD) or optical images (OI). Differences of SAR-image, DMD and OI are examined. The method of elimination of geometrical distortions between images on the basis of initial data about route of the flying vehicle (FV) and parameters of airborne radar is offered. Algorithms of preprocessing of SAR-image and DND and algorithm of an automatic choice of reference sites on SAR-image on which overlapping is spent are developed; the algorithm of check of correctness of overlapping on spatial conformity between an arrangement of standards on SAR-image and position of maxima of correlation coefficient on DND is offered.

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