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Synthesis of an Antenna Array of Isotropic Radiators for Solving the Problem of Noise Reduction


V. N. Kolesnikov, S. Ye. Mishchenko, V. V. Shatskii

The classical method for noise reduction exploits two antennas: the main pencil-beam antenna and the weakly directed compensation antenna. Here, antennas radiation patterns of an ideal noise compensator must coincide near sidelobes. In connection with this fact, a problem of approximation of the main antenna radiation pattern to the compensator antenna radiation pattern near sidelobes arises. In this work the problem of approximation synthesis of a noise compensator antenna array of isotropic radiators is solved where the given array radiation pattern near sidelobes is formed with taking into account the compensation array antenna. The influence of compensation antenna radiators coordinates on quality of approximation of a radiation pattern being synthesized to the given pattern is considered. As a result of solving the synthesis problem, lowering the floor-space ratio of the main antenna array is observed due to irregularity of amplitude-phase distribution. However, this phenomenon is reasonable because it gives possibility of realizing the method of noise reduction without lowering the sidelobe level at preserving the main beam width.
May 29, 2020

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