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Synthesis of a Miniature Microwave Impedance Transformer on Mixed Lumped and Distributed Elements


N.N. Bazlov, B.M. Kats, V.P. Meschanov, L.V. Shikova

The results of investigating miniature impedance transformers on cascaded uniform transmission lines with shunt lumped capacitors are presented. Optimum parameters of the impedance transformers with Сhebyshev’s characteristics of voltage-standing-wave ratio are received. The results of experimental investigation are presented. The considered devices are significantly shorter when compared with the correspondent impedance transformers based on quarter-wave transmission line sections of classic structure. The investigated devices by their electrical and technological properties take an intermediate position between classic quarter-wave impedance transformers and transformers with lumped parameters. The application of the proposed transformers allows one to reduce the dimensions as compared to the impedance transformers on stepped transmission lines. On the other hand, it allows one to solve a complex technological problem of manufacturing lumped inductances of high Q-factor on the basis of elements with lumped parameters.
May 29, 2020

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