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Non-Linear Equation of Neutrino Field in Tensor Form



In the paper there is created and demonstrated in calculations a new formalism of receiving solutions of Reyfler equation different from ones used by other theorists ,which are a tensor form of Weyl equation for neutrino. In the simplest case this formalism consider the function of complete phase φ=ωt – kr to be general for vectors E and H, this function is arbitrary, but not generalized. This condition allows to find solutions in the form of non harmonic plane waves. The first step in the work with this new method consists in the search of nontrivial constant coefficients of E and H components, for which the identities |E|2–|H|2 =0 and EH=0 are satisfied. The second step is in calculation of velocity vector V and wave vector k components using 6 constant coefficients of field vectors. The vectors V, k, E, H found with this method turn the Reyfler equations into identities.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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