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L.N. Anishchenko, V.B. Parashin

State of an organism is the result of its interaction with environment i.e. the result of adaptation to the environmental conditions. So one of the parameters of a human state is an ability to maintain the homeostasis by means of adaptive mechanism. Physical activity is one of the external factors affecting the human state in everyday life. In that case endurance of cardiorespiratory system defines a capability of a whole human organism to suffer prolonged physical activity. According to literature sources [1] it is possible only roughly estimate the duration of the re-covery period after physical activity for trained and non-trained organism. Experimental data for trained people, which could be found in literature, do not contain any information about specific features of different type of sports that may effect on details of mechanism of human organism adaptation. Hereby a detailed analysis of the specificity of the trained human reaction for physical activity is of interest. At present variety of contact method for estimation of breathing and pulse frequencies is used to estimate human adaptation capabilities. These methods embarrass movements of the examinee while doing physical exercises. Additional time is also needed to prepare the experiment procedure. Contactless methods are more preferable in that case because they are free of the disadvantages of contact methods. As it was shown in [2] it is possible to carry on contactless monitoring of human breathing and pulse frequencies by means of short range radars. This method is called bioradiolocation. The multifrequency radar designed at the Remote Sensing Laboratory (Bauman Moscow State Technical University) was used in proceeding of experiments. 13 healthy examinees participate in the experiments. All of them were members of University ski select team at 17 - 22 years of age. The examinees were taking up this sport for more then 3 years, 10 of them had first grade other 3 had second grade at skis. The experiment was divided into two stages. During first stage monitoring of breathing and pulse parameters at steady state was carried out. It took from 3 to 5 minutes. During second stage monitoring of breathing and pulse parameters after doing some physical activity was carried out. Duration of radar signal registration depend on the level of endurance of the examinee. It was find out that parameters of cardiorespiratory system under doing sport exercises change due to specificity for organism fitness.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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