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Computational Modeling of Fractal Geometry Antennas


E.N. Matveev, A.A. Potapov

Antenna devices and frequency selective surfaces (FSS) are the integral part of radio systems. Experience of the fractal antenna analysis and synthesis approve their wide- and multi-band properties. Operation of fractal antennas reached by the conductor geometry, but not by the accumulation of different components or elements (as in classical antennas), which in this case increase the complicity and possible failure. Analysis and synthesis of fractal antennas in world practice lead to a stable term of “fractal electrodynamics”. Number of foreign investigations on development of different fractal antenna constructions now is swift increased. Fractal antennas also allows to created multi pole variants, reduced size, and optimal or “smart” antenna technology. New classes of antennas with fractal geometry are present in the paper, such as circular monopole, Keily tree antennas, and dipole antenna with geometry of Serpinsky Gasket. Analyzed their characteristics, obtained by modeling of the electrodynamics properties by the programs AntSoft HFSS v.10, EDEM 3D, MANNA. Once more the suggestion about the wide- and multi- band properties of such fractal antennas was approved, and also the dependence of the resonance number from the fractal geometry iteration.

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