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Access Modification to the Measurement of Object Radial Velocity in Radar System with Impulse Rebuilding of the Carrier Frequency


D. G. Mitrofanov

The modified method of measurement of the radial velocity of air object in radar system with the carrier frequency reconnaissance changing from pulse to pulse on chaotic law is described. The base of the method analogous to its prototype is a fact of maximum coherent combining of amplitude signals from scattering centre after the transition from frequency to impulse characteristic under the right phasic incursion compensation, caused by radial motion of the object. The frequency tuning by accidental law provides the singularity of the global extremum of goal function. The known before access had the limitations on line of a priory input signal-noise ratio. The investigations showed that there are some statistical characteristics of vector range image, which have the general global extremum at various localized. The multiplicative convolution of functions, connecting the numerical characteristics of the massif of vector range image, increases the resulting global extremum that provides a capacity for work of gage velocity by noise level, exceeding the installed point for it’s prototype. The right selection of phasic components, depending on object radial velocity and been according to their com-pensation in particular characteristic, leads theoretically to the object “framework of movement”, reflecting radio waves. This provides the formation of range image with maximum amplitude of impulse responses from scatterers on the object surface. In this case the noise level is coming down in normalized image, and the normalized image itself becomes informational, i.e. substantively different from noise vector. The numerical statistic characteristics of pulse-height distribution in range image respond to it’s behavior by changing the compensating phasic raids and they reach their extreme meanings in coincidence of the supposed velocity with it’s true velocity. The effectiveness of this method doesn’t depend on geometric dimensions and the configuration of the object. The offered method is recommended for the perspective radar detection and for the following up the air objects.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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