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Algorithm of Resource Distribution on Multiplicity Dependent Operations


Yu. T. Zyryanov, O. A. Konovalov

Тhe problem of diverse limited resources distribution with variable intensity of performance operations is formulated in article. Essentially various three types of resources classified on multiplicity steps of planning on resource working life on not stored, stored and partially-stored are considered. Generally resources are understood as technical complexes, material means, the personnel, financial expenses, etc. According to the chosen criterion of an optimality, the number of carried out dependent operations taking into account their factors of importance for any interval of time should be maximum. According to problem statement, it is necessary to receive such plan of performance of the project at the fixed number of dependent operations and various types of resources which will allow to distribute optimum in the field of imposed restrictions resources for minimum time and to estimate efficiency of the received algorithm. The considered approach is caused by redistribution of resources on the maximum operations on duration after their termination. The method of consecutive appointments is applied to the problem decision, with procedure of type dynamic programming according to which the system condition changes according to single-step function of transitions. The result of the decision is the resource count of variable structure. The algorithm of redistribution of diverse resources offered in article allows to find the optimum decision of a problem at the expense of use full reserves of time. Such approach is expedient for applying to a method of the critical chain, according to which higher probability of reduction duration of the project is possible at the expense at use buffers reserves of time and resources. The considered approach can be used at distribution of resources at operative expansion of technics, repair, maintenance service, drawing up of schedules and in other problems of management organizational-technical systems.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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