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Theoretical model of the оptic-radar-tracking system of selection of precision complexes of management


R. I. Bankgalter, V. A. Mochenov

The theoretical model of system automatic selection-allocation, recognition, identification (САС) precision complexes of the management, the supplied system of a supply with information in structure of a set of diverse physical gauges is generated: television, heatvision, radar-tracking. Algorithmic processing of signals for the decision of a problem of selection is realized on the basis of the logic analysis of images of objects to spectrum-power, geometrical, kinematic and topological attributes. The developed model инвариантна to features of physical and technical realization of system of a supply with information, functional and structural features of the programm-algorithmic maintenance, intended for creation of models of a settlement estimation of parameters of quality at design stages, development, tests. The model is developed on the basis of a formalism of the general theory of systems and phenomenological nonequilibrium thermodynamics.

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