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N. P. Esaulov, E. K. Kazenas, V. P. Marin, Yu. V. Tsvetkov

Alloys Рd-Ва volatilized from cylindrical crusible, the aluminium made of an oxide. The temperature was measured Pt – Pt/Rh by the thermoelectric couple. Alloy Рt-Ва as a strip was reeled on a tantalic wire and warmed up by a direct gear transmission of a current through him. The temperature was measured by an optical pyrometer. It set, that mass spectrums above alloys will consist only from Ме+, Ва+ and ВаО+, any composite polymeric ions it is not revealed, though the mass spectrum is seen up to 800 m/е at 1650 К for alloys Рd-Ва and temperature 1980 К for alloy Рt-Ва. Hence, pairs above system Рd-Ва will consist only of separate builders Рd, Ва and ВаО; above system Рt-Ва – from Рt, Ва and ВаО. Presence ВаО in a composition a pair is caused, most likely, by features of technological process of a fusion of alloys, presence of oxygen in residual medium of empty space and in a composition of an alloy. In the condensed state alloys Рd-Ва with the content of barium up to 20 masses. % will consist from Рd and Рd5Ва. Alloy Рt-Ва with the content of barium ~ 20 masses. % on structure it is close to stoichiometrical composition Рt5Ва. Alloy Рt-Ва with the content: barium up to 3,5 masses. % will consist from Рt and eutectics Рt +Рt5Ва. Hence, in the condensed state barium in alloys Рd-Ва and Рt-Ва is bound in intermetallic compounds Рd5Ва and Рt5Ва.

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