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Methodical Approaches to Analysis of Cholinotropic Preparations Toxicological and Cytogenetic Effects on Chironomus (Diptera) Larvae in Vivo in Acute Experiment


I. A. Fyodorova

Methods of the use Chironomus larvae as test-systems in cholinotropic preparations preclinical study was optimized. Nucleolar organizer most stable work at control and at influence of cholinotropic preparations – atropine and pilocarpine. Nucleolar organizer activity change may be as fundamental index for Chironomus polytene chromosomes functional activity estimation proposed in genotoxical study. On atropine effect nucleolar organizer activity decreased, while on pilocarpine effect - activity increased. Quoted recommendations change the conditions of the contents larvae in acute experiment, necessary for leveling-off mistakes. Analysis of cytogenetic effects changes at acclimations to laboratory condition and under the action of cholinotropic preparations was carried out. It is necessary use of larvae morphofunctional conditions scale for estimate character of influence of pharmaceutic preparations on organisms level. As a result of atropine and pilocarpine influence at Chironomus plumosus larvae is nonspecific morphofunctional changes. Larvae patological condition was increased when the pilocarpine concentration in solution and exposition was increased. Tendency to decrease of heterogeneity polytene chromosomes functional activity indexes in larvae experimental group in comparison with control was revealed. Decrease of work heterogeneity of larvae polytene chromosomes active sites was testified about mobilization intracellular resources, which suppressed larvae individual reaction on basis of nature genetics polymorphism. Our investigations showed that individual difference of polytene chromosomes functional activity of larvae with different genotype characteristics may be level-off.

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