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Analogue R-Wave Trigger of Electrocardiosignal


A.V. Belov, D.V. Bukarev, D.G. Pulikov, T.V. Sergeev, N.B. Suvorov

The structure of the hardware of analogue R-wave trigger in real time is described. It is developed based on the analysis of patented domestic and foreign known designs of detection of R-wave of electrocardiosignal are observed. Lacks of digital methods detection R-wave of ECG signal defined. The hardware block diagram of cardio rhythm systems, including links of preliminary processing ЭКС and The R-wave trigger developed on the basis of the comparator with a hysteresis, used nonlinear filters, blocks of “dead zone” and weight summation is presented. Proposed method detection of R-wave ECG with use nonlinear filters. The results of computer simulation by the program MicroCap 8 are also shown. Possibility to define time position of R-wave with the raised accuracy is shown, at a stable operation in the conditions of considerable noise with reliable extraction of R-wave ECG signal with sharply decreasing amplitude.

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