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Estimation of Energetic Potential of Human Organism Based on Urine Ionometry Data


G.A. Mashevsky, Z.M. Yuldashev

In clinical practice is often necessary to solve the problem of human health condition. It is important for goal of cure effectiveness evaluation, control and unwanted human health conditions prediction. Unfortunately, classical medico-biological methods are not always suitable for lengthy observations and are enough expensive. In case of evaluation of organism functional condition, the one of most perspective research directions is the evaluation of its energetic status. Different processes, existing in organism, demand some energy spending, so every case of energetic reserves weakening affects on organism condition. And vice versa, any types of onerousness, stresses and sickness, will inevitably affect energetic condition. Thus, more the actual problem is - the research of relationship between physiological condition and human energetic state. Human energetic express-control method development is also urgent. This work contains the attempt of human energetic evaluation by means of sodium activity in urine. This hypothesis is based on Na+/K+ATPase work mechanism, which, as is well known, needs sizeable cellular energetic expenditures. In case of organism energy resources decrease, this will result in Na+/K+ATPase work oppression and sodium excretion decreasing in urine. The article contains statistical analysis of experimental material, collected by the authors – sodium activity in urine from patients with different pathologies and from healthy persons. The high stationarity of this parameter in healthy man urine is shown. The comparison between results of potentiometric sodium determination in urine and biochemical blood research results is realized. The empirical distribution of sodium means in urine from different patients groups analysis allowed us to draw a conclusion that pathology maturity is in most cases is accompanied with sodium retention in organism. This research, consequently from our the point of view shows the availability of urine potentiometric control methodology for patients monitoring during treatment of different formas of pathology.

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