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The Evaluation of Laws Actuation Mechanism Influense of Artificial Arm on the Operator-Invalid


G. N. Burov, Ya. Ya. Abu-Janiej

The analysis of a dynamic error of management by an artificial limb of a hand, an estimation of size of an error, and also methods of its indemnification is considered by corrective action in a contour of management and due to special constructive receptions on decrease in weights mobile having ringed. At research of dynamics of the executive device that movement of his parts is carried out both in a mode of separate management has been taken into account, and in a mode of simultaneous management by movement of several parts. In the first case movement of a joint carry out serially in separate joints, in the second - operate simultaneously at least two joints without detailed elaboration by the operator by the invalid of separate movements. During moving to a working zone the executive device of an artificial limb of a hand through the device of fastening influences a body of the operator - the invalid who should react definitely on changing external influence. As time of reaction of the operator - the invalid equally to the latent period tл = 0,2 s it will be obvious to move during this time interval a point of fastening of the executive device depending on laws of movement of his parts. The size and intensity of moving of a point of fastening of the executive device depends on weight of his parts, parameters of their movement, and also from size of the moment of friction in the lumbar hinge, from weight of a part of the case of the operator - the invalid, located above this hinge, and at last, from a pliability of the device of fastening. For simplicity of reasoning we shall consider, that the point of fastening vertically does not move, and friction at turns of the case of the operator of the invalid is absent in view of his small size determined by liquid friction of natural hinges. The purpose of the present research has been formulated as follows. In managerial process by an alive hand the person develops managing signals for movement of a hand and simultaneous perception of jet forces and the moments arising at its movement. In process of management by the executive device movement of an artificial hand is perceived by the operator the invalid as external influence. Reaction to external influence is fulfilled by the person through certain time. For this time there is an error in position of the executive device. The operator - the invalid aspires to modify position of a trailer link of the executive device, i.e. a brush. This correction can is carried out both by means of influence on the specifying device, and due to lumbar mobility or other auxiliary movements.

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