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New Devices for Refraction Measurement Human Eyes and Function Treatment in Ophthalmology


A.G. Gudkov, V.Y. Leushin, A.I. Milanich, D.I. Tzyganov

The correct measurement of refraction and other parameters of human eye is not a simple procedure, because a brain also makes subjective contribution in a vision. Today computers come in our life and eye’s problems increase. It is well known, that any illness is easier for preventing, than to cure, and it concerns to a degradation of sight. There are many devices for refraction measurements. But they are not only expensive, and complicated too. So, in last years raised a new field of optometry called “individual optometry” or “home optometry” with the aim to care our sight. The number of people with bad sight increased today, and we need more and more individual optimeters. There are a lot of patents, but only 2 real individual optimeters. One of them is Focometer [1] and another one - Eye Tester [2,3] ( Eye tester won the gold medal in Paris. It is compact, reliable and suitable device. Its sizes slightly exceeds a size of fountain-pen, and the weight near 40 G, but has an accuracy better then 0.25D in the range -10D - +3D or -7D - +7D. This accuracy is in a good correspondence with a theoretical limit for measuring of eye’s refraction [4]. But in a patent [3] many others modifications of eye tester declared, and one of them GNOMe was realized [5]. It is the eye tester made from glass without any movement. This is self testing device. With a help of some medical exercises you can improve you sight by this eye tester. The refraction laser analyzer is intended to carry out the medical procedures: in postoperative period, at amblyopia, nystagmus and aphakia, at visual fatigue, at progressing myopia of children and teenagers. Apparatus " LAR-02 " is the effective instrument for dynamic refraction research as a new indication of visual working ability of a person, for carrying out screening tests of population groups for ametropia diagnosis, for of optical correction at the choice of glasses. Apparatus “LAR” allows to increase effectiveness and reduce treatment time for eye diseases, and also to increase efficiency for preventive ophthalmologic actions, and, as a result, to cut down expenses for medical care of people.

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