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Device for Defrosting of Erythrocytic Mass


A. F. Bobridhin, A. G. Gudkov, V. Yu. Leushin, A. D., Onufrievich, A. F. Chechetkin

This article continuations articles cycle [1, 2] devoted defrosting and heat treatment of cryoconserving blood components. Speed of red blood cells mass defrosting is regulated by Instruction for blood cells cryoconserving. The speed ensuring task solution is considered. It is achieved that the process quality may be raise by optimal choice of heat treatment process parameters. The device for accomplishing of red blood cells mass defrosting process is described. The device is meant for fast defrosting cryopreserved blood component in standard polymeric containers “КПП-500” including red blood cells mass. The device may be used in hemotransfusion stations, blood banks etc. The device contains a constant-temperature bath in which heated up to +45°С water circulates. Bath volume is 100 liters. Containers with blood components in special perforated aluminum holders are placed in special basket. The basket is plunged into heated water and shaken by electric drive. It substantially speeds up the defrosting process. Defrosting time is 1 – 3 minutes for four containers. The device has such structural features as automatic temperature maintenance range 35ºС – 90ºС, time control for defrosting (built-in timer with light and tone alarm), digital indication of current temperature of water. The range of persistence time is 1 min. – 60 min. At first the device was tested in Army Medical Academy by Kirov. It was ascertained output of automatic and manual defrosting was 10 containers per hour and 5.4 containers per hour accordingly. Produced devices successfully operate in such medical establishments as: Army Medical Academy by Kirov (St-Petersburg), Federal Center of Hart, Blood and Endocrinology by Almazov (St-Petersburg), Main Army Clinical Hospital by Burdenko (Moscow) and another.

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