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Experimental Researches of Factor’s Influence of Electric Discharges of High Instant Pulse Capacity on Free-Radical Processes and Structurally-Functional Condition of Cells


E.A. Zuymach, I.P. Ivanova, G.M. Spirov, A.A. Kirilov

In this work were researched a condition of rat’s membranes of erythrocytes, after nfluence of electric factors crown and spark discharges of high instant pulse capacity on free-radical processes and structurally-functional condition of rat’s erythrocytes the work purpose were. Thereupon experiment problems were studying free-radical processes of erythrocytes and plasma of blood, resistance of erythrocytes and damage level of overmembrance structures. Experiment was spent in vivo on white not purebred rats. Animals were influenced by pulse crown discharges 5 and 50 discharges with frequency of 0,1 Hz and pulse spark discharges 100 and 300 discharges with frequency of 0,2 Hz. Sampling of erythrocytes and plasma of blood were taken on 1, 6 and 12 days after influence. It was shown that level free-radical processes on membranes of erythrocytes increased by 6th days and slightly decreased by 12th days after influence. In plasma of blood, also like in erythrocytes was registered increase of free-radical processes by 6 days after influence on 19-49 %. However by 12th days free-radical processes in plasma of blood decreased to level of a control series. Also it was shown, authentic increase of level sialov acids and acid resistance of erythrocytes by 12 days after influence, of crown discharges, and spark discharges in the studied modes.

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