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Change in Motor Activity of Spirostomum Ambiguum after Low-Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation as a Bioassay


J.V.Igolkina, E.I Sarapultseva, V.A.Litovchenko

It was studied maximum permissible level (10 μW/cm2) of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at the frequency 10 GHz by changes in spontaneous motor activity (SMA) of Spirostomum ambiguum (unicellular prenerve infusoria). SMA was calculated by quantity of ocular microscope intersection of each infusoria for 1 min. To do this, infusoria were placed on individual in special plastic plate with holes of 5 mm in diameter and 2 mm in depth. The effect after irradiation compared with the control infusoria, cultivated in the laboratory at 20 ± 10C. SMA was high sensitivity to low-intensity MW-range. The decrease of SMA was observed just after 0.75 h EMR. It was approximately 35% below SMA of the control infusoria. The negative effect did not change with increase of irradiation time and has a mass character. All the laboratory population of spirostomum passed to a new SMA level, which was confirmed by independent experiments involving more than 10000 infusoria. The effect has a threshold character. Thus we have obtained unusual for low-intensity MW-range EMR reducing a functional activity of unicellular aquatic organism. This effect was manifested at maximum energy flow density (10 μW/cm2) of microwave energy permitted in Russia and after come of a threshold it has not changed in a wide range of time (studied range from 1 to 10 hours). The present result has been interesting in the question of the behavior’s reaction unicellular using in the indication of the electromagnetic contamination of the aquatic aria. It is actuality in the common problem of the electromagnetic wave activity on the biota.

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