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Difference of Dielectric Behavior of Leaving and Dead Yeast Cells


A.N. Romanov

The experimental data provided by a number of researchers are evidence of different electrodynamic properties of living and dead cells that may be caused by the change in the volume content of aqueous fractions characterized by distinct dielectric parameters. The paper deals with the research results of living and dead yeast cells dielectric properties measured at 1.11 GHz microwave range. It has been found experimentally that with the increase in volume humidity, the nonlinear increase of actual and virtual complex dielectric permittivity (CDP) of living and dead cells is observed. The distinguish ability of living and dead cells at the approximation of dependences of actual and virtual complex dielectric permittivity by the polynomial to the third power is shown. To evaluate chances to obtain additional information on cells viability a parameter (i.e. rate of sensitivity shift in the studied humidity range) that allows for

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