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The Comparative Analysis of Real and Virtual RR-Intervalogramm Structure Orderliness


А. A. Kuznetsov

The method of comparison of the data, by comparison of parameters real heart rhythms diagram with parameters of the digital lines received by generation of random numbers under the normal law about average value is applied. If such generation to make on parameters real rhythms diagram in result it will turn out «artificial (virtual) rhythm diagram» with the distribution set in size of a dispersion and average value. Virtual rhythms diagram with big volume it is possible to treat as realization of chaotic virtual process. There is an opportunity comparative check of methods of the analysis of selective realizations real (SRRP) and the virtual processes (SRVP), submitting normal (or to other) to the law of distribution. In quality SRRP were taken rhythm diagrams groups conditionally healthy surveyed. ECG registrations were carried out by Holter monitor [1] in modes of rest and one-stage loading at young people in the age of till 23 years. The data of registration in a mode of loading were included in the analysis for health surveyed reserve check. On everyone real rhythm diagram were determined RR-interval average value, a standard deviation. The step of digitization (1 ms) was set by a constant mode of the monitor operation. On these three adjusting data a digital line of random numbers with distribution under the normal law was generated. Each line was determined as realization of the virtual process appropriate to real process on key parameters and volume of sample. Thus, set of samples pairs was received. All values IΣ, designed for virtual and real rhythm diagram healthy people aspire to come nearer to quite certain appropriate boundary linear dependence. The function conterminous to this line, looks like linear equation IΣ = 8,15n - 965. Mental and emotional loadings result in sharp increase of a standard deviation size at essential orderliness storey diagrams (IΣ decrease). Physical loadings result in sharp falling size of a standard deviation, but render weak and ambiguous influence on rhythm diagram storey structures orderliness. For young and healthy people the representation of a chaotic component in beat hearts is maximum also size of criterion IΣ is maximal. At any samples volume, participating in the analysis, function IΣ (n) allows to trace and compare the current conditions of a rhythm in the form of the vector diagram. At the fixed samples volume the scale of rhythm conditions, the prisoner in a range 0 … Imax is formed.

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