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Interference Effects in the Light Scattering of Biological Fluids


V.F. Kovalenko, S.V. Shutov, A.Yu. Bordjuk

The results of investigating of oscillating angular dependences of laser radiation intensity scattered by water of different origin and blood serum of the Ist, IInd and IIIrd groups. The presence of periodic oscillations of light intensity in scattering indicatrixes of water in the angle range Θ<50о is bound with two-beam interference of diffracted and refracted rays on large long-living clusters. The estimations of their refractive index and radiuses which made n≈1.16 and r≈2.25÷4.65 µm were conducted by the interference pattern.  A presence of periodic intensity oscillations in scattering indicatrixes of the blood serum of different groups in the angle range of 50о<Θ<150о is conditioned by multiple two-beam interference of rays refracted and reflected from the different areas of surface of large long-living scattering centers which radiuses have made r≈6.5÷8.8 µm estimated by the interference pattern.  The analysis of time and temperature dependences of scattering indicatrixes of serum shows that scattering centers are formed during a storage process and decay after a certain period of lifetime or their concentration and size change. The process of formation depends on the blood group. For the reasons given and taking into account the results of comparison of size of molecules being a part of serum components as well as scattering centers it has been concluded that the latter are water clusters of serums. It is assumed that the components of serums could stimulate formation and growth of large clusters
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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