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Conception of Creating Mathematical Model of Hemodynamics Regulation under Postural Influences


T. V. Matyushev

The given work is devoted a substantiation and working out of the concept of imitating modeling of effects postural influences on circulatory mechanisms of hemodynamic of the person. For object in view achievement the basic methodological principles of construction of imitating models of influence postural influences on hemodynamic of the person have been defined. The substantiation of the general structure of model and variants of its performance are spent. Within the limits of the given stage definition and specification of borders, and also an establishment of those rules and methods which is spent can be used at model construction. Stage-by-stage construction of analytical and mathematical model of system which details separate aspects of structure, and behaviors of system of the original is spent. At the decision of the first problem, in conformity the work purpose had been developed the concept of not pulsing model of system of hemodynamics, allowing receiving the forecast of efficiency of functioning of an organism in conditions postural influences. The developed concept represents set of the elements coordinated for achievement of an overall aim, and efficiency of model constructed on the basis of the given concept their interactions and interdependence consist not so much in efficiency of elements, how many. As the basic interdependent elements of the concept on the basis of the received results it is necessary to consider: • The structure of model developed on the basis of the mathematical description displaying as system of the basic physiological laws and characteristics, and individual specific properties; • New methodical receptions and algorithms allowing making the formalized description of the closed hemodynamic system; New set of principles which are methodical bases of process of research of mechanisms of regulation of hemodynamics; • Thus, the developed concept represents the formalized theory focused on use of new set of complementary and interdependent principles, formulated as a result of the analysis and generalization of existing approaches, and as own researches.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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