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Approaches to the Construction of Electronic Devices and Data Acquisition Systems, Intended for Diagnostics of the State of Living Organisms from the Electrical Parameters of Human Skin


V.G. Gusev, A.Y. Demin, T.V. Mirina, T.N. Mustafin

Issues of data acquisition concerning electrical parameters of human skin are considered. Accurate and reliable measurements of these parameters in local zones of human skin (such as points of acupuncture) will make it possible to create instrumentation for rapid analysis of man’s state and early detection of pathologies. Measurements of electrical parameters of the complex nonlinear heat-dependent objects, such as the human skin are impeded by following problems: • low reliability of results; • significant variability of indications; • half knowledge of physicochemical processes, which take place between electrodes and skin. It is shown that the electrical resistance of the human skin is of nonlinear nature and substantially depends on electrical power being carried into skin. To avoid the enumerated difficulties it was proposed to measure electrical resistance under condition of constant power interaction between object and the metering circuit. Devices, providing the constancy of electrical power being carried into the object of measurement in case when load resistance changes were named Prescribed Power Measuring Generators. It was found out that the optimal value of power for measuring of human’s skin resistance is power of 30∙10-6 W. Proceeding, from the mentioned ideas and also results of numerous long-standing attempts of creation of reliable in the information plan technical for diagnostic equipment the advanced electronic devices and data acquisition systems were proposed. Optimal modes of measuring operations for such devices are considered. The outlined approaches will allow to create the class of the fundamentally new devices. Such devices will make it possible to obtain the large volumes of information which describes properties and the state of the of biological organism by more objective way than one obtaining with the existing technical equipment. For realization of the proposed ideas it is necessary to develop working models of devices and execute various clinical experiments which will allow to estimate reliability of results.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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