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Mobile Blood Complex “Hemoexpress” for Blood and its Components’ Banking


V.S. Verba, V.M. Gorodetsky, A.G. Gudkov, L.I. Kajumova, N.S. Kolpakov, M.I. Lasarenko, V.Y.Leushin, A.V. Filatov

The opportunity of the decision of blood service problems is shown by means of increasing in quantity of mobile medical team and using of mobile station for blood preparation. The complex “Gemoexpress” of procurement, transportation and storage of blood and its components is intended to delivery and provision of off-line working of a mobile team for the donors’ reception and questionnaire design, carrying out of medical examination, blood sampling and its storage under required temperature regimes. Mobile station contains several functional zones: - lock-chamber, - registration and donors’ examination zone, - operating zone, driver’s compartment. It has following equipment: donor armchair, donor blood mixer, devices for tubes soldering of polymeric containers, thermo container, refrigerator chamber for 4° C, hemoglobinometer, weights, PC. Complex’s specifications: - build up time – 30 minutes, - carrying capacity – 100 donors per shift, - combined power supply (external electricity supply, 220 V, 50 Hz/ autonomous diesel-generator set 10 kW), - life support system (ventilation, air-conditioner, hot-air heating system, hot and cold water supply), - autonomous functioning up to 3 days, - dimensions 12x2,5x3,5 m, trunk volume 4 m3, - max speed 100 km/h, fully loaded mass up to 16500 kg. You can get more information about the complex “Gemoexpress” by phone +7-499-249-00-34, +7-499-249-08-69 or website
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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