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Exposure of Overslow Swaying Processes in Organism at Polydiene Research


A.N. Doletsky, C.V. Klaychek, V.N. Kotov, U.P. Mukha

Methodology, organization of researches and at the study of applied value of study of superslow swaying processes (SSP) of human organism are considered. We are analyzed SSP for healthy people and sufferings the chronic disease of the nervous system. The phenomenon of physiological resonance was probed in a superslow range between central the nervous, cardiac and vascular systems. Thus correctness of experimental organization research is grounded by the kategornym synthesis of experiment structure. On the basis of joint categories consideration of the functional physiological maintenance systems of optimum breathing parameters, cardiac-vascular system and central nervous system their component work of which synchronizes activity of these systems is certain. Such analysis provides a basis for the exposure of sources nature of overslow vibrations activity, that in same queue allows to define the type of measureable signals transformers, adequate to the selected physiological systems, and to build the measurings ductings. Meaningfulness of bioelectric spectrology swaying processes is shown. Reliable distinction of expressed intersystem superslow processes was set for healthy people and people of sufferings by epilepsy, that can be testify to information value of SSP in the processes of adaptation and development of chronic nervous system disease.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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