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Models of Influence of the Geopathogenic Zone «Kursk Magnetic Anomaly» on Disease


M.V. Artemenko, N.N. Zabroda, T. N. Sapitonova

Geopathogenic zones cause influence on adaptable possibilities of the population that essentially affects on dynamics of levels of regional disease in various directions. In Kursk area of the Russian federation the unique phenomenon – Kursk magnetic anomaly that causes fluctuations essential fluctuations of intensity of a natural geomagnetic field is observed. It allows to spend at regional level identification and research of mathematical models of influence of a geopathogenic zone on levels of various diseases. In particular in the spent research levels of following diseases in various age groups, as were considered: infectious and parasitic illnesses, new growths, diseases эндокринной systems, illnesses of blood and кроветворных bodies, mental frustration, illnesses of respiratory organs, digestive organs, urinogenital system, a skin and hypodermic клетчатки; Kozhno-muscular system and connecting fabric, trauma and poisoning. By means of correlation, регрессионного analyses, methods of the group account of arguments and recognition of images mathematical models of linear and nonlinear structures statistically adequately reflecting influence of intensity of a geomagnetic field on disease are constructed and analysed. In particular it is revealed that the greatest influence is observed at children's and teenage age. The analysis of the received models has allowed to draw following conclusions: 1. In the cities of Kursk and Zheleznogorsk the opposite interrelation динамик levels of such diseases as is observed: illnesses of respiratory organs (on all"), all" and infectious and parasitic diseases, all"and"new growths",« traumas and poisonings »and illnesses of blood and кроветворных bodies,« mental frustration »and illnesses of a skin and hypodermic клетчатки,« illnesses of a skin hypodermic клетчатки »and« traumas and poisonings »; 2. In the cities of Zheleznogorsk and Kursk change of functional and structural communications between динамиками considered diseases that underlines cardinal change in соорганизации the various functional systems of an organism directed on realisation of criterion function «optimum conformity of ability to live of an organism to environment» at influence on an organism of a geopathogenic zone is observed; 3. Levels of diseases (everything, children, teenagers, adult) are statistically significantly connected with intensity of a constant magnetic field, namely: disease in whole all") is directly proportional to intensity of a magnetic field and increases by three positions at intensity increase on one; disease of children has a straight line sedate (close to cubic) dependence on intensity of a magnetic field that speaks about большей to reactance of an organism of children's age on background magnetic intensity; At teenage age geopathogenic influence of the environment connected with intensity of a magnetic field on disease amplifies to the fourth degree. Thus, it is possible to speak: on the one hand - about adaptation of an organism in process of its growing to stationary influence of environment; with another – that in detsko-teenage development is observed флуктуационный the moment when various functional systems of an organism as though "study" the reaction (for the purpose of achievement of the maximum adaptable consent) on environment and synchronise the work with it. At the closing stage of the analysis of distinctions between levels of diseases in Kursk and Zheleznogorsk the device and methodology of the theory of recognition of images have been applied. In this plan the indicators, characterising intensity of ecological influence and functional reaction of health of the population to constant influence of geomagnetic influence are offered and investigated.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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