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Use of the Sub Array From Microstrip Elements in Dielectric Layers Before the Aperture of Phased Antenna Array for Impedance Matching at Scanning


A. A. Prilutskiy

The solution of an electrodynamics’ problem of radiation of the Phased antenna array (PAR), representing the infinite periodic structure generated from the open ends of waveguides is offered. Before an aerial aperture sub array from strip (tape) elements in the dielectric layers is installed. The array in the dielectric layers f organizes of strip-geometry elements artificial medium. The problem is reduced to system of the integrated equations of 1-st sort which is decided concerning unknown fields in the aperture of the open ends of waveguides and currents on stripe-geometry elements. In a wide frequency band the numerical analysis of radiation parameters artificial dielectric medium on PAR electrodynamics’ characteristics at beam steering. Use of the sub array from the microstrip elements before the aperture of PAR together with dielectric inserts in waveguides improves characteristics of PAR at scanning. The best impedance matching of PAR can achieve at an arrangement of microstrips between waveguides. It is possible to select sub array parameters so, that it will not influence characteristics of PAR at scanning. The grid can be switched on in random so, that it will not worsen PAR parameters. The offered method of mar tempering of characteristics of antennas with electronically scanning can be used in antennas of cent metric and mill metric wave bands.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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