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The Auxiliary Current and the Null Field Methods


A.G. Kyurkchan, N.I. Smirnova

The idea of diversity the currents carrier surface and the surface were view point is selected is very efficient at solving diffraction problems. This idea allows producing effective algorithms of the boundary problems solution of the diffraction theory. The method of continued boundary condition (MCBC), the auxiliary current method (ACM) and its special case – the discrete (auxiliary) sources method, the null field method (NFM) and its popular realization – the T-matrix method (MTM) are based on this idea. Comparison of ACM and NFM is executed in the article. It is shown, that accuracy of a null field condition satisfaction (in the uniform metrics) on an auxiliary surface inside of a scatterer corresponds to accuracy of calculations of scattering integral characteristics. Because of the mistaken terminology MCBC sometimes is floundered with NFM and MTM and NFM are imagined the same. The mess in terminology existing already more than 40 years because of which completely different methods are perceived as one is explained. The additional researches confirming expediency of construction of an auxiliary surface in ACM and NFM by means of analytical deformation of scatterer boundary are carried out.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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