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Structure of the fluctuation field near the plane randomly non-uniform media interface


S. N. Khizhnyak

In the work, there have been investigated the structure of the fluctuation field which arise after the incidence of plane monochromatic wave to statistically non-uniform interface between two media. The method on integral equations of macroscopic electrodynamics were used in the work which allowed to investigate statistically non-uniform media interface of arbitrary geometry. As a result, there have been obtained the expression which characterizes fluctuation field with a glance of parameters of such statistical non-uniformity of the surface as correlation length and non-uniformities dispersion. The method proposed allowed to investigate the phase of the fluctuation field as well as dependence of the amplitude on the wave vector inside the first and the second media. There have been derived the expression which determines the average phase incursion due to statistical non-uniformity at the media interface.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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