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Fractals of Fluctuations on Absorptions Lines of Water Vapors at Submillimeter Radio Waves


E. A. Zasovin, A. V. Sokolov

Gaining for many years research results of tropospheric radio waves diffraction and scattering on the drops fractal ensemble are reported. It is shown that fractal turbulent airspace vortex-like disturbances produce the fractal fluctuations oif the atmospheric refraction and absorption indexes result in fractal fadings of the millimeter-band and sub-millimeter-band radio waves. Also shown that RF, sub-millimeter and optical signals fadings could be consider to be fractal ones at the framework of statistical self-similarity model. In according with presented experimental results in the center of the oxygen absorption line the fading amplification and attenuating phenomenons are observed that have a qualitative explanation within the fractal fluctuations theory in the absorption media. Substantiated that such phenomens as precipitation zones, cloud-like formations, dust and aerosol clouds, atmospheric turbulences, and so on could be attributed to multi-fractal media.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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