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Optimization of a Construction by an Antenna of a System of a Microwave Interferometer for Diagnostics of Galloping Processes


Ju. G. Belov, R. V. Budaragin, A. I. Ermolaev, Ju. I. Orehov

For study of performances of driving in trunks of dimension-weight experimental models (DWEM) imitating a shell and moved under an operation of an explosive wave, the microwave interferometers are applied. The sounding system of an interferometer represents a dielectric waveguide (DW), located inside of a trunk. For a research of a sounding system of a microwave interferometer in work the electrodynamics model as the junction of two round super dimensional waveguides was offered: two-layer shielded and round shielded waveguides, shortly closed on an extremity by a metal slice. For improving a directedness of a dielectric antenna and it of the coordination with a bringing tract the construction of an emitter becomes complicated a little: the conic cusp on it an extremity or, on the contrary, conic extension (dielectric megaphone) is applied. For want of all accounts the uniform approach based on a method of partial areas is used. The smooth cusp or extension is approximated by graduated passage. The accounts were produced for want of values of diameters of a screen (metal trunk) 2b = 65 mm, dielectric rod (bringing DW) 2a = 2 mm. As a material of a dielectric rod (antenna) was taken of teflon (relative dielectric permeability 1 = 2,08). Operational frequency of an interferometer f = 93 GHz (working wavelength  = 3,2 mm). The conducted researches have allowed to determine, that an optimum construction Emitter by an antenna of a system of a microwave interferometer is the conic cusp of rather large length (L = (8…12)) on an extremity DW. For want of it interferogramme is practically linear for want of basises of flyover DWEM up to 10 cm, that ensures a high exactitude of the definition of performances of driving DWEM for want of these parameters.
May 29, 2020

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