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Influence of the conducting plane on pulse radiation of the printing UWB dipole


G. A. Kostikov, A. Y. Odintsov, M. I. Sugak

Power characteristics of the UWB antenna, constructed on the basis of a dipole with shoulders of the triangular form, known in the literature as bow-tie antenna, are investigated. Vibrator shoulders are printed on opposite sides of the substrate executed from material FR-4. Researches were spent numerically by FI method and experimentally by means of the vector network analyzer Hewlett Packard 8720B. Settlement and experimental efficiency factor (EF), energetic directivity factor (EDF) and energetic gain factor (EGF) the vibrator in free space and over the spending screen from electric length of the antenna and from distance to the screen are resulted. It is shown that the spending screen allows to increase EGF on 5 db, thus the optimum distance to the screen should make 0.22-0.27 from spatial duration of an entrance impulse. Power diagrammes of an orientation of radiation the basic and crosspolarisation field components are resulted, is shown that crosspolarisation energy losses can make 7–13 %.
May 29, 2020

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