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Features Analysis and Measurements External Characteristic Short-Wave Antennas of Vertical Polarization to Ground-Reflected Wave


V. A. Nikolaev

The results of the decision problem about excitement surface (ground-reflected) wave to SW antennas vertical polarization are researched. In the case of locations such antenna in close to sea the loss when spreading the surface wave are fall and increases range of the action over-the-horizon RLS. Feature of the analysis and measurements external characteristic for these antennas are considered. The definition of the far-field for overland SW antennas of the vertical polarization is elaborated. Inaccuracy and restrictions which parameters and spherical of the ground are superimposed to investigation features are considered. The calculation results and estimation of characteristics are described as diagrams and tables. The recommendations to correct measurement of the external features and elevation characteristic of SW antennas vertical polarization are given.
May 29, 2020

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