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The Combined Iterative Technique for Calculation of Radar Cross Section of Reflector Antennas


O. E. Kiryanov, N. A. Martynov

The combined iterative calculation technique for calculation of radar cross section (RCS) of reflector antennas is offered. According to the technique, the consecutive calculation of influence of repeated reflections of an electromagnetic wave between a reflector and a feed on the currents induced on them is carried out. For calculation of partial currents on a feed the integral equations method is applied, for currents on a reflector – the physical optics method, for accounting edge currents on a reflector – the method of edge waves of the physical theory of diffraction. The comparison of results of calculation of RCS of the axis symmetric reflector antenna with the circular waveguide feed, received by the suggested technique, with the exact solution is car-ried out.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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