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Diffraction of Plane Electromagnetic Waves on Rectangular Aperture in Ideally Conductive Plane


A.A. Voronoi, V.A. Neganov, A.A. Sarychev

Self-consistent method is applied to problem of E-polarized electromagnetic wave diffraction on rectangular aperture in ideally conductive plane. Self-consistent method (method of physical regularization) constitutes obtainment of singular integral representation (SIP) of electromagnetic field with respect to tangent electric or magnetic field on some selected surface, characterized a problem, and solution of singular integral equation (SIE), follows from SIP when it is considered on selected surface. Self-consistent method works without Kirchhoff approximation but gives a problem of solution of two-dimensional SIE with respect to tangent electric field in aperture in ideally conductive plane. Algorithm of solution of two-dimensional SIE is based on reduction to infinite system of one-dimensional SIE. So, that approach disposed discontinuity between electromagnetic field near aperture and tangent electric field in aperture. In this article, new numerical results are compared with results obtained in approximation of Frenel diffraction. It was shown that Kirchhoff approximation dies not work in near- field and intermediate-field (Frenel) zones.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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