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Approximation of Components of the Field and the Current Inside a Flat Closed Contour on Their Known Values on the Contour with the Help of the Cauchy Integral


A. V. Ashikhmin, Yu. G. Pasternak, Yu. A. Rembovskiy

The purpose of the present work is the illustration of an opportunity of the description a component of an electromagnetic field and a current in various electrodynamic objects which surface supposes piecewise-plane approximation, with the help of the Cauchy integral. On the example of consideration of the elementary electrodynamic objects, such as a dielectric and metal cube, it is shown that the similar description of a field allows restoring values of a field (current) in internal areas of sides of object (or plane intersecting the object) in a wide band frequencies. It is offered to use a method of the Cauchy integral for decreasing dimension of systems of linear algebraic equations to which the vector boundary equations of electrodynamics, formulated in spatial-frequency area are reduced.
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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