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Radiation of UWB Signals by Antenna Array Systems


B. A. Lagovsky

Potential advantages of use of UWB signals can be realized by antenna array to the full only under condition of the account in calculations of their dispersive properties, including complex mutual resistance of elements. Dispersive properties of the directional pattern of antenna array and mutual coupling of its elements considerably change the form and a spectrum of UWB signals. Pulse characteristics are offered to use for the analysis of working and calculations of characteristics of antenna array at use of UWB signals. Interference of elements differently affects on low- and high-frequency of UWB signals. If for high-frequency components it is an epsilon squared value, for low-frequency in order to prevent significant mistakes interference is necessary for considering at calculations. Using the value of the sum of Shlemilch series found in this work, active resistance of radiators of the linear and flat arrays in the form of the closed expressions convenient for carrying out of calculations and estimations are received. The account of dispersive properties of mutual coupling, as well as dispersive properties of directional pattern, also it is convenient to carry out by means of pulse function – pulse function of mutual coupling. For determination this function it is necessary to find in the beginning dependence of resistance of an element in structure of antenna array from frequency. Pulse characteristics of radiation and signal reception are found depending from location of elements, there directional patterns, directions of radiation and reception of a signal. Use of pulse characteristics allows to simplify calculations of superbroadband antenna systems characteristics and to increase their accuracy. On examples efficiency of application of pulse characteristics is shown.
May 29, 2020

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