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Noise canceller Performances with Optimum Shaping of Weights


V.S. Efimenko, V.N. Harisov, A.A. Kotov

The construction of adaptation block, wich forms weights , is the most complex problem of adaptive arrays implementation. The complexity is substantially connected with required high rate of vector estimating. The formation interval increase results vector extrapolated estimation error increase with a reduction of adaptive array cancellation ratio. Vector time derivatives estimation and first of all vector variation rate , i.e inclusion of vector derivatives in a condition vector, is obvious way to increase the extrapolation accuracy. The optimum weights estimating algorithms performances for an adaptive antenna array on the mobile platform are investigated in this paper. The performance displayed substantial advantages of use of derivatives in the weight vector estimation. The synthesized algorithms have considerable losses when the real data are in processing. It is connected with large errors of the condition vector single measurement. Well known method of observations grouping is offered as a way to substantially improve extrapolation quality. Advantages of the synthesised algorithms are the maximum adaptation rate, substantial improvement of weight vector extrapolation quality, and also possibility to reasonably redistribute operations between the various calculators providing the best performance of spatial filtration algorithm.

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