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The Algorithm of Angular Coordinates Filtering for Seeker System under Jamming


V.B. Kozar

The paper is devoted to developing the algorithm of target coordinate filtering if jammer is positioned on target. Missile seeker estimates target coordinates when jammer is switched off. Jamming is able to break correct function of missile seeker. At the same time electromagnetic wave, produced by jammer, can be used for target coordinates estimating when the direction propagation of the wave phase front coincidences with the target-seeker line. In this case jammer coordinates estimating is enough for forming required missile overload. This estimating may be carried out by additional detection and direction finding channels which receive and process jammer electromagnetic wave. It is proposed, that additional detecting and direction finding channels as well as radar (optical) seeker use a common antenna (electro-optical) system. Direction finding to target signal source and jammer signal source is imagined random discontinuous processing caused by changing nonlinear discrimination characteristics of angular estimation channels and by measuring noise intensity. Therefore, algorithm of target coordinate estimating under jamming is synthesized on basic of the dynamic system with random structure theory. Generalized Stratanovich equations are considered for observable moments of seeker suppression. Method of statistical linearization is used when the algorithm of target coordinate estimating is synthesized. Optimal algorithm of target coordinate estimating is realized by filter which parameters discontinuously are modified at the moments of seeker suppression by jammer. The algorithm efficiency is considered by relation of settled mean of dispersion of target angular coordinate estimations made by synthesized optimal filter for suppressed seeker and unsuppressed seeker
June 24, 2020
May 29, 2020

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